Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fashionable Littles

Having three sisters is not easy at all. Lots of make up, clothes and hair accessories. Lucky am I to be the oldest one; followed by a ten-years-old, five-years-old and two-years-old sisters. (Yes, all of them have make up and lots of accessories.)
When I woke up today Catarina (the middle one) was wearing one of her colorful outfits and I realized I could take pictures of her. Although she doesn't stop a minute, I convinced her to get into a ten-minute photoshoot. The results were amazing.
Dressing a kid can be as funny as choosing your own outfit (when they let you choose their oufit and comb their hair...).

Gap stockings, Copper Key shirt, H&M skirt and blazer, non-labeled headband

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Anonymous said...

too cute to be true :)!!! love you all!! fafa