Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fresh Accessories

There are lots of ways to renew your wardrobe. You must have some key items; as winter's coming here in Brazil, you can choose an overcoat and match it with different sweaters, you can buy that amazing pair of high heels boots you were waiting for and the always best but impossible option is to stay under a soft white cashmere blanket and do not get out of bed.
Even with all these key pieces, my favorite thing in every outfit are the accessories. You can buy hundred different scarfs, hats, gloves and match them with any clothes.
I selected some accessories I would love to get to renew my wardrobe

Leather Metal Paillettes Pashmina in Ivory

Clay Josephine double-flap embossed shoulder bag

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Tory Burch

Metallic Leather Wristlet $155.00

Tom Ford "Ingrid" Sunglasses

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