Monday, May 17, 2010

Low Flavourites

Since I remmember, I've always looked for food calories and tried to keep fit. I do eat sweets and sometimes I find myself eating a whole sunday or mac 'n cheese for dinner; I am not neurotic. From all these calories control years I realized that are lots of delicious low calorie foods and with time I learnt to eat them.
My low calorie favourites:


the beautiful color, the freshness and the sweet and sour taste aren't the only good things strawberry provides us. It's a healthy carb, has no cholesterol and has only five calories each! try mixing low fat yogurt, fresh strawberries and ice. A tasteful smoothie!

Cherry tomatoes

The little red tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and 60 grams of it has only 17 calories. They are tasteful but when eaten in high quantily they can be bad for you health because of its acid. Try eating it with hooney mustard sauce or sliced with salt in every salad.

Coconut water

Brazilian people are used to drink coconut water at the beach. Models drink it because of the hidratation it provides to your skin. Most people are not used to its taste but I consider it is lightly sweet. One cup of it(240 g) has around 46 calories and is rich in calcium. The best way to drink is with lots of ice.

(the photo posted does not show the original coconut but do shows the dry one. You cannot get water from it!)


When fresh, they are tasteful and delicious. Mushrooms are rich in potasium and contain little protein. One cup of it (70.0 g) has around 20 calories. I like eating them with white sauce in pasta or cooked with shoyu sauce.


They are sweet but can be eaten with salt; they are good for the eyes (yes, what my mom told me the whole life to make me eat carrots it's true) and they are rich in vitamin A. One big carrot has only 25 calories. I like cutting them in sticks and eating as appetizer with salt.

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