Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunny Sunday

The days pass and I start to notice sunday is becoming my favorite day of the week. I know saturday it's the party day when you wake up late at a friends house after the friday party, eat something and go completely tired and messed up home. Then, you start getting ready for the saturday party and when you wake up sunday you see the weekend is over. I am trying a whole new experience: when I wake up noon on sundays I try to make it my "restart day". The sunday is beggining to be the day I get things in order: wake up, drink some milk, take that lazy relaxing shower, paint my nails, dry my hair and take all time to feel pretty. Then, I go out for lunch or I cook some healthy food and (as I tryed to do all homeworks saturday), I spend the rest of the day watching my favorite series and blogging.
Looks good? Cause I feel completely new at this time of the day. Now, instead of eating cold pizza and watching TV the whole day, I take a "beauty day" and feel new. At the end, who has time to do all these things on weekdays?
Here I sellected my sunday products to turn the pizza and TV day into something really fresh and special.

1.Phylones hair dryer
2. fresh homemade cookies
3. Little Miss Matched socks
4. Philips Bubbles pink earphone
5. Claires nail polish set
6. Victoria's Secret refreshing body mist

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