Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sugar Lover

I am not the kind of people that eats all the time (altough I'd love to, the number of calories a day should not be that high) but when talking about sweets I guess I am always able to eat a little more. The last week I discoreved a box of lollypops at my kitchen and could not resist on eating one, two, well... maybe a little more...

I try to avoid eating candies but when school is freaking me out I do need this extra sugar in my blood.
Here you can find a selection of my favorite candies, the ones that save me when I am stressed or just make me happy :]

1.Kopenhagen Nha benta The best Brazillian chocolate store is certainly Kopenhagen. Nha Benta is my favorite: soft and chewy marshmallow covered my the best chocolate milk ever.

2..See's lollypops since my cousins started bringing it form LA to me, I felt in love with these lollypops. They're not only delicous but come in all amazing flavours! my favorite is the Vanilla lollipop.

3.Pierre Hermé Macarons When I travelled to Paris I simple loved the macarons of this small store that sells the best macaron in the world! There you can find the most exotics flavours of macarons (like wassabi, rose petals and ginger). They're expensive but worth each euro.

4. Wonka Gobstopper the first candy I loved the time I put into my mouth. It changes color and flavour and just knowing it's from the "Wonka factory" makes the experience of eating it magic

5. Ice Breakers this is the sweetest and sourest candy the same time. All flalvours I already tried are delicious but none is as good as the Lemon Iced Tea.

6.Pierre Marcolini gourmandises From all chocolates I tasted in Belgium this one was far the best one. It was the most expensise either but it costs what it values. The store decoration is comfortable, with black carpet and big windows. There are all kinds of chocolate in a way it's hard to choose only one. Here you'll find the photo of my favorite one, with caramel and waffer covered with chocolate.

7. Push Pop I used to eat it when little and still love the sweet flavour. They are sold everywhere, Brazil included, so I can eat them whenever I want. The blue is my favorite.

8. Dylan's Bear Mix I've never actually gone to Dylan's but my little sisters gave me a chocolate bar with my name written and they bought some collorful pretty things. I entered their site and discovered an amount of products as cute as that chocolate bar. All products are colorful and creative, making you want to eat them all. I always liked gummy bears and the ones at Dylan's look so tasteful.

9. Neuhaus chocolate Belgium, one of the million chocolates I tasted that day. Suddenly I got a little milk chocolate with "Neuhaus" monogramed at the top. It drove me crazy. We got back to the store and bought a dozen of that delicious white cream covered with chocolate milk. Unfortunately, the amazing monogramed chocolate is not available here in Brazil.

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