Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saved by the old

Last saturday night, while spending our usual hours before the party talking and getting ready, I suddenly opened my friend's wardrobe wondering if I could change my outfit (and help Lau to choose her own) but I couldn't find something that seemed right to wear.

Lately I've been looking forward all kind of vintage stuff and the idea of sneaking into her mother's closet and trying to find something else to wear was exactly what we needed to have a couple hours of fun. The outfits are a result of one of the looks we chose and, as we liked, decided to take some pictures.

One thing I could discover this Saturday: my addiction on finding old "vintage" stuff around the house was way better than spending an evening at the shopping.

my outfit (left) includes Lau's grandma's purse and a beige lace skirt used as a dress.

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