Monday, December 6, 2010

Shuffle Stuff

Maybe it is a lot of information on only one post but as I am not posting too much recently, I decided to resume my last month with some nice things I noticed around.

this nice outfit called my attention this week while I was walking on my way to buy cupcakes. My friend asked me if I didn't find it tacky but "different" is a way I found to describe it better.
a nice wall of Bienal
to white dresses on two little girls at Bienal
a great sense of style on a 5-year-old-girl that happens to be my sister. (I loved the hair and the rainbow skirt)
rainbow nails painted by me
a nice old telephone I found out (it happens to be one of my new vintage addictions)
a notebook for a friend made by me
cute bracelets
my friends heart shoe I just loved
the amazing polka-dot shoes I bought when remembered about an article I read about Tom shoes

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Anonymous said...


Ja tava ficando com saudades.Nao deixe de escrever.