Sunday, March 17, 2013


     The weekend was unusually fun, since I turned the intense summer Saturday into a visit to Sesc Belenzinho, at Zona Leste, Sao Paulo. The exhibit lasts until this Tuesday an is called Move!, which unites fashion and art on half a dozen different activities that make the viewers interact with artists, designers and their pieces.
     Unfortunately, the number of people participating on each activity is limited, and therefore, I found myself heading to the exhibit 3 hours before it started just so I could get a spot on one of the activities. It worked! I had the chance to sew a handmade dress designed by Pedro Lourenco and made on a fabric from a brazilian street artist. Moreover, I could talk to the exhibit curator, a NYC photographer and young artists that both visited and worked there. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

A street artist working on a panel. Later, the panel becomes fabric of the garments designed by Pedro Lourenco.

The garments made with different street artist's panels.

 The dress I made!

A worker of one of the activities, called "Splash"

Me and my friends dressed with some of the clothes Move! provides for a activity that includes gluing different elements on the floor.

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